• Kristy McInnis


Lets start by saying that we should support and love our mother figures..... everyday! Mother's day is just one day out of 365 days! I believe that sometimes the smallest gestures can mean the most if you put in effort and thought. For my mom and myself, that means flowers. For years we would go to my great grandmothers house and pick roses in her backyard. For us, this memory is something we will have forever. It was a clear choice for me to use Florisian Botuique because this is such a classic and timeless gift.

Live flowers are sometimes over done when it comes to mothers day, and they die within a week. I remember last year, I was down at school and I sent my mom a really expensive bouquet of roses to our house. They showed up to the door and looked god awful. They were wilted and both of us were so disappointed!

The difference between normal flowers and these amazing white roses, is the fact they are preserved. These flowers last up to five years, which is completely worth the money. They are a tad more expensive, but I always think quality over quantity. The roses are in a glass dome, which reminds me of beauty and the beast! There is a variety of colors to choose from, but I really wanted them to be something that could match our home and her personality. White was just effortless, clean, and pure. It could go on her side table or even in the bathroom and just bring a touch of elegance.

I got one for myself so that we could have a little piece of each-other even when I am not home. Having a mommy and me set was really important because we always loved to "twin. From a young age I wanted everything the same and NOTHING has changed. We still use holidays as an excuse to buy matching everything. Even for this photo-shoot my mom bought both of us these necklaces from Dogeared jewelry. LOL I still take all of her old clothing and literally go in her closet to borrow stuff all the time!

These flowers are not only perfect for mothers day, but graduation or any special occasion. They could 100% be used for an anniversary or wedding present. They also come with a personalized note that is sealed with gold wax. I can not say enough amazing stuff about this company! They are also based in Seattle Washington and I am all about supporting a local women based company!

Happy mothers day to all of you moms out there, even if you are a mother of dogs (cough cough me) it still counts! My child zig may have four paws, but still my child! LOL So remember this year to buy quality over quantity when it comes to gifts. It should be all about the thought and spending that time with someone you love! #womensupportingwomen



Pictures by: @picturesbycourtney

Flowers by: @florisianbotquie