• Kristy McInnis


Okay we are all busy! It is a fact of life you are going to get slammed with work, school, maybe kids, and we all want a few ways to make out lives easier. Many people have reached out to be and asked how the hell I get so much done in a day - so I figured it was time to chat about it. You have two options when you have a busy schedule, you can freak or of you can react with focus and purpose.

The guide to being a busy bee:

1. Set Your Intentions:

Almost every night I make a schedule of things I need to accomplish. I write down anywhere from six to nine things. You can not go over nine because you will get overwhelmed so stick with MAX nine items to accomplish.

2. Time Block:

This is extremely important to block out your day. It keeps you on a schedule and prepared for whatever is about to come at you in the next 24 hours. I write next to those nine items how long it will take to accomplish each task and then go by importance.

I go by Lee Polevoi's management system which is:

  • "Important and urgent — Tasks that must be done. Do them right away.

  • Important but not urgent — Tasks that appear important, but upon closer examination aren’t. Decide when to do them.

  • Urgent but not important — Tasks that make the most 'noise,'but when accomplished, have little or no lasting value. Delegate these if possible.

  • Not urgent and not important — Low-priority stuff that offer the illusion of 'being busy.' Do them later."

This process should not take more than five minutes so give a rough estimate of how long everything should take. Some examples for me would be writing a blog post or working out. I always work out right in the morning so I would write an hour and then during that 60 minutes I can not do anything, but workout. I can not call a friend or work on homework. When you start holding yourself to a strict and high standard you achieve that much more in a day.

3. Keep things Clean:

Okay calling the kettle black here (MESSY GIRL HERE), but when you have a clean home, car, fridge even, it makes it that much easier for you to focus on other items you must achieve that day. I love coming home to a fresh smelling house, with clean sheets, and a bath at the end of day. How your home looks and room does impact how you feel about yourself and also your confidence level.

4. Hydrating:

The way you react to situations and can handle important tasks has a lot to do with your health. It is extremely important to carry snacks and water with you during the day. Meal prepping helps a ton and so does get used to packing a water bottle around. Your body can only function properly when it is fed and treated well.

5. Say "NO" / Phone a Friend:

You will not and can not be everything to everyone. You have to take control of your life when you are a busy bee. The power of saying no can be scary to some, but looking at your plate and realistically seeing if you have time is really important. Calling a friend to vent is a healthy way to get some stress of your plate and even asking for help. I Often will contract out work that I know I can not do or just ask for someone to help you. You are not weak if you ask for help, you are smart for knowing what you can or can not handle.

6. Eliminate Distractions :

This may or may not be a phone or other device that is keep you off task. A major thing I do is at night put my phone on airplane mode so I wont hear any buzzing that will wake me up. This could also relate to people! Toxic relationship with a boyfriend or best friend can put extra stress on you and push you to the limit. We are all about eliminating those harmful and time consuming distractions.

We all have our own tasks, issues, and different goals, but I think that everyone can benefit from all of these things. They all play into how we can navigate our stress levels so that they are manageable. Stress is not going to change, but how we react and direct our focus is how we can rise to that next level!



Photography by Steffi Kutcher