• Kristy McInnis


This situation happened a couple of months ago and I never really shared my thoughts about it, but after chatting with some fellow bloggers we all believed it was worth sharing.

As an influencer I chat with brands multiple times a day about collaborations, trips, products, and events. In my inbox on a Monday morning, an email popped up that I will probably never forget. I will not disclose the company's name because I believe in being professional, but I will say they were a casual loungewear type company. I want this message to be heard and not overshadowed by the name of the company. I was copied on the email that I was not intended to see, where it became a discussion over my social media outlets. The two women had been talking about how they loved my pictures, but I was too fat to fit their brands image.

This is a company whose clothing I owned and had loved their products for years. I sat there for a few minutes in shock and then decided to send them an email back. In full Kristy fashion, there was a few spelling errors in the email but I could not careless.

Dear (insert common name),

I clearly was not intended to see or read the messages that transpired between you and your colleague, but I am happy I did. I would never want to represent a company or product that stood for these type of values. I have bought your products in the past as we discussed in our previous emails and I will no longer be spending money to ever represent this brand. Clearly you are unaware the average size woman in America is a dress size of 12-14, I happen to be a size 6. I am disgusted that you pick your influencers based on how much they weigh rather than the quality of their content or what they stand for.


“Fat, but great pictures”

We sit and judge on our phone, but what we forget is that behind those pictures are people. Real, breathing people with feelings and REAL bodies. Honestly I enjoy food and I am happy with my body, which is ALL that matters. So honestly screw this company or whoever has said something hurtful to you. The important thing at the end of the day is that people are going to shit talk, and you will always have someone say you are “TOO” something. You also don’t have to listen to those judgmental people. You know yourself the best and at whatever size, height, shape, color, or race, does not change that you are unique in your own way. There is literally no one else in the world who thinks, feels, and has qualities like you. Just because someone shit talks you, doesn’t change any of those wonderful attributes that make you who you are.

Sharing this story with a few women was honestly shocking because almost every person had something similar that happened to them. I truly believe in any situation you may not have the power to control those external circumstances, but you can control how you react to them. This situation started out extremely negative, but seeing how many people I connected with over it was really the silver lining. It is incredible how opening up about something tough can pay off by connecting with others. I urge you in whatever situation you find yourself in to find that silver lining. You may not see at that point in time, but everything plays out exactly like it should, and remembering you are in control helps direct that focus. You have the power here people.


KCM AKA “Fat, but great pictures” ( I can laugh about it now! A sense of humor is also key!)

Dress from @shopblushelegance ! A company who does not care what shape or size I am! Check them out for more dresses and ones that would be perfect for formal season.

Pictures By: Stephane Kutcher