• Kristy McInnis


I spoke with a friend about being a five year student and not wanting to send out graduation announcements. She felt because it took her an extra year, it didn't feel like it was an as important (NOT TRUE AT ALL). I will be a 5th year student (next year) and there is nothing wrong if school took some extra time. Education is expensive and someone used their hard earned money to put you through college (It might even be you, which is amazing!). Some have student loans to repay. No matter what your situation is finishing your education is important. Just because you have switched majors or had to take an extra term, you’re still graduating! Have pride in the time it took you to finish school.

I really wanted to write this post because I feel like so many of you are struggling with different things surrounding graduation. For some, that may be whether or not to walk, to get pictures, or what to wear. For others, this maybe a post that makes you realize how close graduation is. I hope this helps! Let’s break it down!

To Walk at Graduation:

I am personally not walking. I mean I don’t want to sit in a metal chair for 4 hours after I have gone to school for five years to only get folder that does not have my actual diploma in it... I’ll swipe left on that opportunity! BUT that does not mean you shouldn't walk. You should celebrate whatever way you want to show off your accomplishments and plenty of parents want to see you walk across that stage. Graduating is an accomplishment, so if you want to participate I think you should! I just don’t think I’ll look back in 20 years and regret not walking.It is personal choice, talk to your family about what they’d like ESPECIALLY if they paid for your education.

To Have a Grad Party:

I love a good party and I am actually not sure if I will actually have a graduation party, but I’m sure next fall I will cook something up. My school colors are orange and black for OSU. Love the college, but not crazy about the colors - so we definitely won't be using those at any function I have. If you look quite ravishing in construction worker orange and go to OSU, then by all means rock the orange!

This is a big day and if you want to have a party, make sure to make a facebook group, send evites, or mail announcements to make sure your friends/family can attend. There are no rules so you can have it the day of the actual graduation or a month later. Just start planning about a month or two in advance- especially if you’re ordering a cake, or people have to fly in. Start talking to your family about a budget for the event. If you are tight on cash, then have it at your house and make it potluck style so you do not have to provide everything! Also, if you are more low key then have your girlfriends over for a wine night and share some snacks. A few decorations are a must, depending on your time commitments you can make somethings (DIY style) or head to Dollar Tree! Do not be afraid to ask for help and if parties aren’t for you, you can skip one all together!

To Get Graduation Pictures:

Your family may want a graduation picture! Remember you don't need to have a full vogue glamour shoot, but you might regret not getting some. You can just take some simple head-shots with your cap and gown or in a memorable spot in your college experience. You can also use these for your LinkedIn picture for getting a job so hey- it's kind of a win-win. Make the family happy and have some new pictures! If money is an issue, then ask a friend with a nice camera.

Professional Pictures:

If you have the budget to get professional pictures then here are a few tips! Reach out to a photographer ASAP! Graduation season is crazy busy for photographers, so try to book it as soon as you can. For picture day, bring a few different looks, that way you have variety and options. These should reflect your personality and you want to feel good about sending these out or posting them. If you feel uncomfortable it will reflect on camera,so bring a friend with you for support. Also, BRING MUSIC! You would be surprised how the whole feel of the pictures change as soon as the model is blasting their favorite new song. Show your photographer inspiration ahead of time and bring props that means cap and gown, sorority gear, champagne, etc. - the more the better!

I’m available to pictures for some fab OSU students! If you need a photographer with a reasonable rate please email me! I'm only taking a limited number of spots. I can work within all budgets.

Graduation Day Attire:

Everyone wears white or white, like it's basic BUT it's also classy. So, I would recommend sticking with neutral colors. Plus years from now you will be happy you didn't wear that matching floral missguided two-piece. Think timeless and effortless, plus it is going to be covered most of the time and if you want to make a statement then save it for the shoes or cap.


This is where you going to be FUN! You can be: trendy, funny, sassy or whatever matches your personality. It’s important that you make it reflect your years even if- it was all spent at a bar or at the library. LOL Also, you don't have to decorate it if you don't want to!! This is all up to you and I will 1000% be decorating my cap because it’s for the pics.

Remember this should be fun and I know a lot of people are really stressing out about graduating. People graduate at all different places in life, times, and ages. My uncle went back when he was 30, it’s never too late! You are most perfectly on time! Be proud of all your accomplishments and celebrate them in whatever way you choose! Cheers you future graduates!! ** throws cap in air!



Photography by Bradley Ma