• Kristy McInnis


I have been keeping this a secret for a little bit now and I am so so excited! I am partnering with Amazon to show you some of my favorite products called “idea lists”. I have a variety on my list of products that range from health/wellness, to beauty and home. Everything that I find necessary in my own life! There are products that I have reviewed and a list of gift ideas. I do make a commission on these products and have to say that in all my posts, but it will open a lot of doors for me to move towards blogging full time (THE DREAM). Here’s a preview of what my shop is about.


I link all the products I use daily so you can easily find them right on the website!


I travel quite a bit, mostly for fun. These are some of my must have travel items!! Some of these products are really reasonable and and most are under $50 dollars! Like this passport case is $10 and I have had for over a year!


Home products are my all time fav!! I have my beddings, lamps, all my cameras, and lights all up in my Amazon shop. I also have cute little things I use like my feather pen and notebooks!

I am so excited for this to be out!! Could not be possible without you babies!