• Kristy McInnis


Hello lovers. So a little life update for all of you! This term will be CRAZY. I am taking 23 credit hours, working, blogging, and have an internship. So bye.. bye... social life. LOL! No, it will all be fine, but planning is about to be essential for this term. I am going to sign up for a sewing class because it never hurts to learn a little and I really want to start making a few pieces/ wearing or selling them! Clearly still in the beginning process, I have also started meditation and a few of you have asked me about it so I will be posting about meditation soon.

Besides that…. I will be graduating next fall and off into the real world. So for the next nine months you will still get college Kristy!! I have got some of the cutest things recently and thought it was worth a post. So here you go little cupcakes!

My newest goodies:

  1. Recharged Ring Clutch

Mustard is everywhere this season and you know how much I love a good crossbody bag. It looks super similar to a chloe bag, but without the price. It has a removable strap so you can take it off if you just want it to be a clutch. It comes in many other colors in case you aren't digging the mustard trend. It is embossed with a reptile print and has a trendy tassel to complete the look. I rocked mine out with a navy suede jacket from Blank NYC and a color-blocked bodysuit. TO DIE FOR!! I have been calling it my new child and I think it is a closet staple for spring.

2. Nike Metallic Windrunner - Men's

Okay I am never against going to the mens section to snag a fun item! I mean, HELLO! if its cute then who gives a rip?? I saw this and about dropped dead. It is obviously gold, which is my color, and shiny. So I swiped the card and brought this bad boy home. This is a statement piece and I would wear this with all black leggings and a black crop to class so the focus is all on the jacket.

3. Botanical garden pink yoga mat

Okay, I know you are thinking $120 is a little crazy for a yoga mat, but it’s made with natural rubber and soft vegan suede. Plus, the print is to die for and you do not need to replace a yoga mat too often. I see this as an investment piece because I’m starting up meditation and can bring this to the gym with me. Look cute & feel emotionally balanced. Case closed- this is a win.

4. POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum

This night pressed serum is amazing. Algenist sent me two different creams and I gave one to my intern. They retail about $95 dollars a container, but skin care is important. This smells amazing and my skin is so happy the next morning when I wake up. It is a pressed serum, which resembles the constancy of coconut oil. You do not need much of this product at all and it should last a very long time. Definitely my favorite new skincare product.

5. UNREAL Gluten-free, Vegan, Non-GMO Dark Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Peanut Butter Cup

I am such a foodie. I came home over spring break and my mom had ordered a six pack from Amazon. I’m going to save you the trouble and tell you the crispy ones are 1000 times better than the normal ones. I found them at Whole Foods, too. They come in little individual packages and they are just big enough to satisfy those evil cravings!