• Kristy McInnis


I am NO expert here and I have so much to learn myself. I am FAR from the perfect blogger and want all of you to know that. But, in the past few weeks I have been asked so many times for tips on how to start a blog and I decided why not? I learned a lot from trial and error!

  1. Start with An Intent:

I started my blog because I wanted a place to be creative and have an outlet. Decide what you would like to talk about on your blog. It can be fashion, food, women empowerment, and whatever is important to you should be your focus. I have a wide variety of topics that are important to me so I chat about EVERYTHING.

2. Have Content Ready

People get busy and will get stressed out with post deadlines. I plan a few blog posts out at a time so that I can keep up with school! I would suggest having five to seven posts all set up before you launch your blog. I even plan stuff a few weeks before I post it. EX: I took this picture for the lovely company Leota a few weeks ago and just wanted the perfect post to feature the brand. P.S. This company is all made in the USA, so clearly lets all support!! All about a company that makes clothing here and is great quality.

3. Website Talk:

Create a website that represents you! I think a clean and bright platform is aesthetically pleasing, but pick a color scheme you like. I used black, white, pink, and grey for my colors! I also use the same three fonts to be cohesive across my website. You can be as detailed or simple when planning your website. This should be a way you brand yourself and something to be proud of! Just starting a website is amazing and remember not everyone can put themselves out there! It might be scary, but this is a huge step for you!

4. Creating Content:

If you are at a university, then you’re most likely able to rent a camera! If not, ask one to borrow one from a friend! You would be surprised how willing people are to help you if you ask. Amazon has cheap and refurbished cameras so if you are on a budget that can help! Also, they have really great packages for lighting and tripods for under a hundred dollars. Don’t worry, I will link some cheaper options for you!

5. Plan Your Feed:

Until I found this app I was posting and deleting pictures everyday. I use Preview, which is an application you can download and it is FREE. It helps you upload your pictures and move them around so you can plan your pictures ahead of time. It allows me to cut down on posting time and also plan your captions. I also have set hashtags that I use for every photo and just copy and paste them from my notes! Turn your account into a business account so that you can see your insights, that helps you see what your followers like and where they are.

I want you to all remember that it is okay to fail! I fail all the time and you need to remember that you learn from trying. It is all an experience that SHOULD be fun! I want you guys to learn about yourself and in the process if you inspire one person, then that means all of this is worth it. You are not going to figure this out in a day and I learn something almost everyday. You try something and go ‘ wow that was terrible!’ Then other days you will feel so fulfilled and like you have purpose. Just do not give up and know you cannot figure this out in a week, month, or even year. I go through times where I have zero idea what I am doing and THAT IS OKAY! We can all work through this creative process together and remember you are never alone. Reach out to people and create something that makes you proud.



Photography by Bradley Ma: