• Kristy McInnis


Lately I have been wanting to share with everyone what has helped change my everyday mood.

Being around such an uplifting, badass group of people has me feeling like I am in the right place – and I think I feel that way for two reasons:

1. Outlook:

2. Environment:

I took a step back after my last post about being successful and met a few amazing people that really changed my outlook. I think that no matter who we meet, for how long, for better or worse shapes us as people. They change us to be stronger, tougher, and to prepare us for the next adventure.

One of my friends told me a few days ago:

“you have a purpose because there is only one of you. No one can do anything the way you can. It is your duty to the world to put our your full potential because no one else will be able to”

Ahh I felt pressure. Jesus, I have so much to do, accomplish, learn, and grow.

Guess what! You do too.

You are the only person in the world with your experiences, your genetics, your strengths. Not ONE other person can step into your path, so stay in your lane, bitch (LOL). If you know me, I cuss like a sailor, so keep in mind it’s all in good fun.

How AMAZING is that? You also get to choose your environment.

I physically cannot put myself around those who are negative. I believe negative energy is nasty and rubs off on people.

Shed negativity babes!

I feel lighter, happy, and motivated to have a badass group of people I have surrounding me supporting them.

Imagine how happy you could be!

I want all of us to be happy, fulfilled, to crush our goals and to watch each other grow – as mothers, friend, sister through romantic relationships, careers, etc.

We can all be disgustingly and overwhelmingly happy, but that process takes time and WORK.

5 steps:

1. Appreciate the small things—expect nothing

2. Wake up and compliment yourself

- I say you are a badass bitch today because……..

3. Have something with you that reminds you of that

- I have a ring my mom bought me that literally says “badass.” No matter what the day brings, I look at that little reminder.

4. Before saying something negative

- Think, “does this need to be said?”

- If it is not positive, SHUT IT DOWN

5. Do something nice for someone everyday

- Hold a door open and f***king smile at everyone! You want to leave people better than you found them.

WE GOT THIS! We can conquer anything that happens to us. Have one badass-week party people and do something your tomorrow-self would want to be proud of. Positivity starts with you.



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