• Kristy McInnis


I do not use products that I do not SEE. That is why this product is literally my life savor! So what is a GLAMbox you ask?

“The Glambox is a luxurious high-end beauty organizer that will change your life! It is a glamorous way to organize, store, and display all of your gorgeous jewelry and beauty products. With all of your items visible and organized, searching for that necklace or lipstick that you know you have somewhere will no longer slow you down. You will have all of your beauty products and jewelry at your fingertips. “ - GLAMbox

I made five ways you can use these products in your daily life. I use mine for mostly skincare and it works perfect because I have such a small space away at college.


My holy grail. Skincare is my jam, so I love seeing all the products I need to use in one place for the day. I put them all in order from my morning to night regimen, so that I can keep track of what I need to use at certain times in the day. I find this super effective for myself, and I would be curious to know if this would help any of you! I put my sheet masks and larger things under my sink, just FYI.


I’m huge on having my beauty products all laid out and displayed. I am able to see what I’m running out of. I noticed while doing this that I actually will use more makeup, or play around with different combos that I’ve never tried before! Most of my followers are women, and I know you guys wear makeup so why don't you have a GLAMbox?


Hello wellness guys and gals! I did this option for you, and I seriously want to press how versatile this product is. I emptied out my skincare and loaded it with all of my morning drinks. Every morning I have five different drinks that I like, and this makes my life so much easier! I can quickly grab everything I need and it displayed beautifully. It is a win win situation.


Okay, let's say you like your workplace a little more than your skincare? Fine by me! You can still use this product in your everyday life elsewhere. Like how cute would this look on your desk or space? I mean, a perfect display for all types of work supplies. It fits everything perfectly, and is clear so that you can see everything you want to use while you work.


My box is usually a little more cluttered than this, but it looks cute, so that's all that matters! Say you want a container to display some of your bigger items, such as your sunglasses, and still want it to look organized? This will TOTALLY work. You can load it with all your favorite rings, earrings, headbands, or sunglasses!

This box works with every type of lifestyle, and most of your everyday products you use. We all want to be organized, and also look cute AF while we do it. So what are you waiting for ? Go grab yourself a GLAMbox and show me how you are using it!

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This post is sponsored by: GLAMbox

Photography by Steffi Kutcher