• Kristy McInnis


Good morning babes! I'm writing to you after chugging two very large cappuccinos - with almond milk and a dash of cinnamon (it's like my new thing).

Today we will be discussing WORK TRIPS! Let's get down to business party people.

Chatting about interview prep, photoshoots, collaborations, and reaching out to people.


First stop drum roll please... interview prep. I know this is some exciting shit, but it is necessary shit. Unless you have been blessed with a trust fund or end up winning lottery you will at some point in your life- need to do an interview. This case I was interviewed by a photographer Chrissy De Maio regarding my stylist and blogging experience. If you're going to be interviewed for a blog post, podcast, or something that will be live - make sure to ask if you can have the questions sent to you ahead of time! I always ask beforehand because it gives you a little prep time! Just make sure not to over prepare because then it sounds staged and I tend to freak myself out. But it's way better than being like…. well….l... I don't f****** know.... LOL

I believe to dressing for the part is a huge part of the interview process. If you are going to be asked about what it is like to be a personal trainer than wear some damn workout clothes. DRESS what you're going to be interviewed for. That seems simple, but when I did an interview for Nordstrom a girl literally wore a sweatshirt. She in fact did not get the job. Just make sure that you are confident in what you are wearing and are on time. A cute thing that I do after an interview is always follow up with a thank-you text or email (depending on what's the most appropriate for the situation). You want to give them a good first impression! So ending on a positive note is key.


People think a lot of the times that you just show up, snap some pics, and then you're done. And it can be THAT easy as long as you are prep beforehand. When you first contact a photographer make sure to look at their page and obviously that the aesthetic matches your vision for the shoot. Make sure to be asking them what photos they need, and scheduling times that will work for THEM. Just because you're in the photos doesn't mean the shoot is all about you. So be flexible!! You want everybody to get the shots that they need and want so that the collaboration is successful. When scheduling the physical photoshoot, I plan about a month in advance. This gives people enough time to scout locations, get approvals, make mood boards, and get the merchandise we are going to shoot delivered. I make sure to speak with my photographer multiple times and be very clear about timing, location, the point of the shoot, payment, and time frame to get the pictures back to me. Make sure to reiterate with them what you want because people are busy and they forget!! REPEAT yourself. Make sure you have everything in writing in case something goes a little crazy….(personal experience). Never show up to a shoot by yourself and if it's a new person you have never worked with before only shoot in public places. Seems like a no-brainer but you never know.


Regarding collaboration, so many people are like... how do you get collab? how do you talk to companies? If I really want to work with a company, I'll send them an email or sometimes I have already been in contact with them and I'll get in touch with their social media person. You don't always need to directly ask for product, you can ask for a discount code, and they can send you product to have pictures get taken. In some instances they will ask you to return the product. Make sure to not get discouraged if they say no to collaborating with you. A huge thing that I've learned is to ask a company why exactly they're turning down my offer or what is going on their end for clarification. I'm sure you have plenty of things to shoot so you can always mix and match pieces or get something that's at a lower price point to work with a company. Also be authentic when you have a product that you don't like, explain to the company why you had an issue with it.

For this shoot, I worked with an amazing company called Standard & Practices. I picked out an all white outfit online and had originally planned wearing the pieces together. Then last minute thought it would be cute for Libby and myself to each wear a piece. By changing it up, we showed versatility with the pieces I was sent and how even though our personal styles are very different, could both incorporate this brand into our wardrobes. That extra mile you go for a brand sets you apart as a creative and people take notice. Brands will want to work with you again when you take quality pictures and put a lot of effort into the final product.

Reaching Out:

Meet people in a public place. I'm going to repeat this a million times because if one of you goes missing I won't have it on my conscience LOL Reach out to people that you've seen on Instagram, that you admire or have wanted to meet up with. You should be taking full opportunity of every single city you go to. You never know who you could need in your future! I met one of my best friends on Instagram and she was like “oh my gosh we should get coffee” and now we talk every single day. The worst thing that can happen is the person says no or reads it and does not respond. Guess what you get to hide behind a little screen, delete it, and pretend it never happened.

I hope this helps!



All photography by CHRISTINA ╳ DEMAIO