• Kristy McInnis


See ya Corvallis, next stop LA! I absolutely cherish my trips and plan them as frequently as I can to keep myself on track. Even when I go on trips I still am working and I do not think people realize that. For this trip, we have a shoot all booked with a local LA photographer, I had to get my items ready, make sure all the contracts are set, and then make mood boards for each look. Not as GLAM as everyone thinks, but every minute of travel prep is enjoyable.

I will be in LA for a blogging conference and I am so excited! It is called Creatives Cultivate and I have about a million things to do in a super short period of time while on "vacay".

For traveling I always have a select few items that are with me at all times!

Flight essentials:

  1. Playlist: I always make new playlists on spotify for every trip! Then I play those same songs about a million times and end up hating them directly after. When I hear them after the trip it brings back amazing memories for me!

2. Eye Mask: There is nothing worse than trying to sleep and your flight neighbor has decided to pull out their 5 inch thick novel to flip through with the light on. I’ll pass. Satin eye mask goes on and you block out all distractions for some perfect ZZZ’s.

3. Blotting Paper & Powder: Don’t you just love flying when you land and you look like a grease ball? NOTHING BETTER! That’s why I always bring blotting paper (toilet seat covers work just as well) and some powder for touch ups. Normally I keep just a small makeup bag full of small travel sizes of anything I regularly use. That way if your bag gets lost or delayed you can still look glam.

4. Big Sunglasses: Yeah I know Kanye said little sunnies are in, which they are! Still it’s the time to put those oversized aviators to use. They pretty much cover half your face anyway. Didn’t wear mascara? Been crying for the last hour? Hungover? No one will ever know.

5. Self Tanner: Before I go for a trip I always put on self tanner. It's just like the golden rule before I get on a flight. You are going to be plopped into a seat for the next few hours so let the tanning gods do their work. Plus, who wants to go on vacation looking like casper the friendly ghost? A little tan boosts the confidence and makes every outfit look better.



All Photography by Steffi Kutcher