• Kristy McInnis


Strong women come in all different shapes and sizes. The most powerful strength comes from within. I have been on a huge fitness kick since school started, so I had to share with all of you some of the things I have been doing!

5 things I am doing to stay healthy this spring:

1. New Workout plan:

“We challenge you to do this for yourself, and we'll have your back through every squat, plank and hard-earned drop of sweat. To keep you motivated, we're building the BodyBoss Movement – bringing together a community of kick-ass women from around the world to share, inspire and help us all achieve our body goals.” - Body Boss

I started a new 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program that includes fun and challenging high intensity workouts. These High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuits for maximum power and fat burning. The training program consists of 4 cycles of 3 weeks, which can seem intimidating at first (you can do it I promise)! The best part is you can do these with a super busy schedule because they are under 24 minutes and only 3 times a week. On my off days I take a spin class at our gym on campus. You can order the online version, which gives you access to the online training program or you can purchase the package which is the online version plus the 200 page booklet (Buy here). They also have super cute sports bras. I would recommend going up a size if you are more blessed in that area.

I am 190 pounds, which is the most I have ever weighed in my entire life. BUT that number does not define me, it does not decrease my self worth, and it does not make me want to change. I have always been the biggest girl out of my friend group and could hardly ever share clothing with any girls. I have had strong thighs and a large bust, which made me think I was less than my friends in middle school. It used to make me feel sad that I was not a size zero and I was not naturally born with a thigh gap, but guess what? We are not all going to be Victoria Secret models. We are all amazing women, who are strong- we run companies, have babies (if we choose to), and are pretty badass as a gender. We can all accomplish our goals with drum roll please…. No thigh gaps or rock hard abs. I will never be a size 2 or zero because my body was not made to be that small. My body was MADE to have curves and it took me a very long time to say “SCREW IT”. I workout to be happy, to be healthy, and in the process if I tone my body, I would love that too. Working out should not be torture, but it should challenge you! It should challenge your mind, push your goals, and make you feel alive. This year I want to be as happy and healthy as I possibly can.

“Think of us as the friend who’s on your side, but dishes out the tough love when it’s needed. No time to work out? Too broke? Too cold outside? Sorry babe, we don’t want your lame excuses.” - BodyBoss

Using BodyBoss- My experience with the plan was to take pictures of the workouts so that I did not have to bring the book with me to the gym, just personal preference! I also made sure to mark off in my calendar when I worked out to keep myself accountable. I really like having my workouts all planned for me because that is one less thing that I need to do! This does not take two hours either, which I love. These targeted plans are quick and they push you HARD. They are not easy, but that is why they work. This is much as a mental as a physical test. You are the only one in between your goals. BodyBoss is just a bridge between who you are now and how happy you can be in twelve weeks. If you travel, have kids, are in a dorm room, or can not afford a gym, you have no excuses! You can do these workouts anywhere, which is why I freaking love them. I am restarting my twelve weeks and am ready to kick some ass. I hope you will join me and we can both get on the journey to becoming the VERY best versions of ourselves - inside & out.

2. Keep it simple:

We are all BUSY! Sometimes it is super hard to make long and in depth meals so I have been really limiting the ingredients and just keeping it basic. I will link my Pinterest board for all the recipes I have been using (HERE) If you have any questions you can direct message me! Almost every morning I have gluten free avocado toast with red pepper flakes and lemon zest, it is amazing and super quick to make!

I am one of those girls who freaks out about everything seasonal, so I have been using seasonal superfoods like brussels sprouts, apples, and sweet potatoes. I recently have been trying to give up oils when I cook to try to be more heart healthy. A close family member of mine got sick and it was the exact wake up call I needed to change some things in my life around! I want to eventually go vegan, but for now I am trying to eat more plant based foods.

3. Packing lemon water + snacks:

I am one of those girls who will go from zero to a hundred quick if I don’t eat. I have been loving love RX bars. They come in a huge box from Costco and so good. I could have them as dessert. I also pack a large bottle of lemon water with chia seeds wherever I go.

4. Give yourself a break:

Being healthy is something you should care about, but should NOT obsess over. I personally love tequila and could eat everything off of the Taco Bell menu. I know I will not be able to perform my best the next day after overeating or drinking. Your body will thank you when you actually have three or more portioned meals a day, get enough sleep, and drink lots of water. That being said if you miss the gym or over do it the night before, then take a day off! This is your life and you get to hold yourself accountable.

5. Use an app:

Personally when I am starting out on a health kick I know there will be times I need to track what I am eating to make sure I actually eat. I can sometimes accidentally skip meals where I shouldn’t have and if you are someone who likes to see stats then get an app to track it! I use Fooducate because I have an android and that means limited options, but in all seriousness, I love it. It has a bar-code that I use to scan products, which makes it super easy when I am cooking!



All Photography done by the lovely Steffi Kutcher Photography

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