• Kristy McInnis


Valentines day can suck when you’re single, or “it’s complicated”, but you have 100% the wrong attitude. People focus so much on having that love connection with a significant other that they lose sight of the other versions of love in their lives. It can be hard to not be in a relationship during major holidays, BUT I always remind myself that this could be the last time you get this opportunity without attachments. You could meet someone tomorrow at the gym, online, in the line at Whole Foods, or in class and your life would be forever changed. You could NEVER get back a second to yourself or with your friends like you do right in this moment. That’s why I think GALENTINES day is extremely important.

I happen to be the type of girl who loves love. I love romantic comedies, to see my friends and family head over heels for their significant others, and I love being swept away with a person. I am 10000% a hopeless romantic and through heartbreak, I am even more sure that my time to meet the right person will come when all the puzzle pieces align. It will all come for you too, so stop stressing about not having someone right this very moment. It may last a day, hour, month, or lifetime, but it will come and be everything you have ever wanted. For now I celebrate the time with the girls at the center of my world – MY ROOMATES.

We are all extremely understated and studle (NOT) together. We decided to transform our humble abode into a little Galantines day dream. To party plan for the ladies, you need all the food groups: Rose, vodka, champagne, and wine. Sorta kidding, but for a big or small group you will need drink options! Here are my tips for planning the ultimate day for your besties!


Okay, well I am a girl who likes to eat. The more the merrier and I would like a full dessert bar! I am a girl who likes her options, what can I say?? I was lucky enough to work with an amazing local dessert bar that provided us the most adorable cookies and even a cake topped with flowers. Not to mention they tasted amazing. I really broke the gluten free rule when I stuffed my face with about six different cookies. Highly recommend this bakery called Sweetly Baked ! All of you Oregon babies, I will link her website and IG for you to start ordering. She does all different holidays and my favorite florist mentioned how she could have the bakery make goodie bags for her children’s parties!

The little candy boxes are from Sugarfina. Cute packaging makes the world go round.. Am I right?? I am a self proclaimed Sugarfina hoe. I went to their shop in New York and wanted to die with all the options they had! It’s a problem. I always buy them for my mom and she really knows I buy them so we can split them. My favorite are the sugar lips and its not healthy to eat them in the amount I do.


Did someone say COCKTAILS?? Yes, yes they did. I think having some type of “bar” is a super cute photo opportunity and gives people options to make whatever they want to. I always provide like three different drinks and let people know beforehand. If they want something different they can always bring their own! I chose rose, champagne, and vodka as my staples because I know exactly what my roommates drink. You can also add vodka to a mimosa and apparently its called a “man mimosa”, just learning something new everyday! I put out some berries and orange juice/grapefruit juice for whoever wanted to spice up their cocktails. Rimming the glasses was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. I used simple syrup because you need it to be thick enough for the sugar to stay on the glass.


Since I was little I have always enjoyed a lovely place setting. I think having a color scheme for a party is also a must. I chose the typical gold, black, grey, pink, and red. This made it easy to use pieces I already own so that I did not have to plan a crazy budget and we could still have a fab time. We set the table with a small black and white runner and gold tea candles that I purchased at Dollar Tree. Then the floral arrangement pulled everything together for a draw dropping center piece. I used gold chargers and bright white plates so that the focus could really be on the cookies. We also used gold silverware from Target and sprinkled the table/plates with gold stars.


Matching outfits are always a must! I mean hello, what is cuter than some pajamas from Victoria secret?? Nothing. We wanted to be comfy because obviously we are in our home, but still wanted to look the part. I think a dress code is always a way to get everyone on the same page so that no one shows up over or under dressed. We love a little sparkle so we all wore a statement necklace to dress it up.


You can not have a party without flowers. It simply cannot happen. Thank goodness Olive and Avens had set up more arangements than I could ever imagine. This adorable gal has five kids. WELP! She still managed to create the most adorable center pieces and was a dream to work with. She made the flowers that cascaded down the cake and made a topper for our teepee. Then brought an array of bouquets for our Galantine's day party that we spread all over the house. Right before everyone got home we dropped rose petals all over our Galantine's day room. I about died when she pulled out rose petal ice cubes for our champagne bucket. I was laughing about how I will never be able to go back to normal ice cubes. If anyone in the Portland area needs help with flowers for a big day or party she is your girl!


Us girls love a solid pamper day. We were treated like queens with all Karuna’s latest masks. I tried their hand and foot mask! Highly recommend not walking like I did or you will fall on your face. We did an at home microderm facial and then each chose our favorite sheet mask from their collection! My friends and I really love skincare so this was a perfect way for us to decompress. If your friends want something different, you could maybe set up a station to make terrariums, flower crowns, or even right notes to loved ones. I think having an activity makes any party that much more fun!

Another way to properly set the mood is candles! My favorite ones right now are from Bijou Candles and for GOOD reason. This company not only has stunning packaging with all my favorite colors (white, black, and gold!) , but the two scents I got are to die for! Bijou is a woman run company ( cue applause ) is all about inspiring women! They even used old Hollywood actresses to name their first collection. Like how stinking cute is that?! They are also extremely reasonable for how bomb they smell only $29! Would be super cute to give them as gifts or just spoil yourself for fun!

Planning a day with your girls should be fun and relaxing. I personally love party planning and hosting, but if you are newer to this it should be fun! You can easily set up a low key party or even head to Dollar Tree for some cheap decorations. Galentine's day should be all about the time you spend, not always the decorations, the perfect table, or the matching pj's. Do whatever is going to make your enjoy the time with your loved ones. Cheers to all of you gals out there!



All photography by Stephan Partpito