• Kristy McInnis


Okay we have all seen those disgusting videos where people brush their teeth with turmeric or black powder in hopes of getting whiter teeth. I was super skeptical at first even though so many people were doing it. It looks super gross and messy. So what's the deal? Does it really work? Because I am a product junkie and love to try trends, I figured it was about damn time I hopped on this bandwagon. Before actually getting product however, I did some research to find out what all the hype is about.

How It Works:

I found that activated charcoal is highly absorbent.. As a result, charcoal is able to absorb toxins and other substances when they come in contact. Charcoal is not absorbed by the body. The toxins and chemicals are carried along with the charcoal as it passes through the body. It is all expelled by the digestive system.

The Process:

I was so scared to actually open the product because it comes in a powder form and I knew it could stain the grout on my counter! Be SUPER careful when opening it! I got a damp towel and placed it under the product (before I opened) so that if there was any fall out, it would be an easy clean up.

Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into the product and then tap it a few times on the side of the jar so that the excess doesn't go everywhere! Then brush your teeth like normal, but KEEP your lips closed. For whatever reason I tend to open my mouth a little when brushing my teeth. I had a black stream of water running down my face. So learn now from my mistakes! Do this procedure before you wash your face! LOL! Brush your teeth for about three or four minutes, making sure your teeth are fully coated and scrubbed with the charcol. Finally, swish water in your mouth thoroughly….at least two or three times until the water isn’t black.


Most of the time I floss before I brush my teeth, but make sure to do so after you brush with charcoal. Some of the loose product can get stuck between your teeth. I am assuming you don’t want to be running around with black specs in your smile…. just a feeling I have!


Okay so I used this product for two-ish weeks because I wanted to give you guys a real review. Also, I am oddly fascinated by it. After comparing pictures, I think that my teeth ARE significantly whiter. The directions says you can do it twice a day and honestly I forgot most mornings to use the product. So I did it at night when there was more time.

I totally recommend using Avistar natural teeth whitener and detoxifier. I think trying new products with less chemicals can only benefit all of us. I have also heard of oil pulling for teeth whitening, but there is zero way I would be able to swish oil for 20 minutes… Like its never gonna’ happen. I bought this product on Amazon and I will link it for you guys! Let me know when you have tried the product because I would love to share results!

Happy weekend beebs XX,


These pictures were shot by the lovely : Steffi Kutcher

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