• Kristy McInnis


Every year I pick a goal I want accomplish so that I am a better version of myself. This year I have close to twenty goals! LOL! I am an overachiever and a perfectionist when it comes to myself. I genuinely want to be the happiest and healthiest I have ever been so I figure why the hell not this year?!. I believe that goals big or little keep you on track. When you are working towards something, there is an end result to look forward to and also you are able to push yourself more. For me, numbers are a wonderful way to measure a goal and I reward myself at milestones. I have set goals for different sections of my life that I want to accomplish by the end of 2018. These break down into: personal, career, social media, and wellness. Some of these goals I have had for a while and others are brand spankin' new! I want to hear all about you guys goals for 2018 because I think that saying or writing them out holds you accountable.

Social Media:

  1. Make a You Tube channel: I have always wanted to do this! I figured the time was now or never right?? I am still doing that living in the moment thing and I am meeting with a videographer this Thursday to get my first video in the works!

  2. Achieve 5,000 likes on Facebook: This may seem shallow, but I don’t care! LOL! I want to become a business account. A lot of brands don’t pay attention to you if your platforms are under 5 K.

  3. Post a blog 1-2 times a week: I know consistency is key and I really want my postings to be more consistent for readers. I am going to write a few posts before I go back to school so that I can start the New Year on track.

  4. Up my Pinterest game: I actually love Pinterest and I want to go on it more regularly. I need to be creating more traffic to that specific account! Hopefully, with a new intern coming in to help the blog, our numbers will go up a ton!

  5. Obtain 20,000 followers on IG: Again- seems superficial, but I am almost at 12,000 so I think this goal is doable! I want it to be real and an authentic engagement, which is very hard to find these days.


  1. Create workout plan: This has always been super hard for me to stick to and I want to be more strict with myself. I want to get up and do some classes at my local gym before all of my early classes this next year. I specifically took classes at certain times next term so I could go workout before or right after. I want to workout 5-6 days a week with a mix of cardio, lifting, and yoga.

  2. Contain emotions: I am the type of girl that does not hide her emotions so when I get stressed it affects everything! I want to work to keep my anxiety in check when I have a full plate and not get overwhelmed so easily..

  3. Improve diet: Jesus I hate the word “DIET” because to me it means “DEPRIVED”, but I couldn’t find a better word for it! I simply want to eat better and cleaner. That doesn't mean I wont have fries or cheese once in a while, but to do more of an ‘80% clean- 20% not-so-clean” type of thing!


  1. Turn off phone: I have a issue with being on my phone right when I wake up all the way until I fall asleep. Experts say that detaching and turning off your phone can reduce stress before bedtime and also create deeper sleep patterns

  2. Read/listen to 8 new books: I hate reading, but I love listening to books on tape. Now that I have alexa dot (going to change her name to Ingrid ) I have zero excuses to not listen or read new books! I have never made it my goal to read before so HOLY HELL this might be an intense goal.

  3. Declutter: My first order of business is to throw out tons of stuff when I head back down to Corvallis for school. Nothing makes me more frazzled than a small room just cluttered with items. Trying to learn quality over quantity.


  1. Graduate from Oregon State University: By next winter I should be all wrapped up with school and I do not plan on walking across the stage, but I do plan on waving that diploma around. That bitch is about to be framed and mounted on the wall for all to see!

  2. Network: I have always been able to keep close connections with like-minded people, but I want to take it to a whole new level. I am hoping to get into a different group with YouTube becoming one of my main focuses. I have met so many lovely ladies in the last six months that are in Portland and I can’t wait to get a larger circle of local people.

That’s all for today folks. For whatever reason writing all that made me super tired so now it’s nap time. Look forward to seeing all of your 2018 goals!!

XX beebes,



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