• Kristy McInnis


I get a TON of direct messages about blogging, beauty, social media, and fashion. I figured it was time to add some of these to the blog and to answer all of your most popular questions!

(None of these answers are sponsored)


What type of foundation do you use?

I used to use Matte Velvet by Makeup Forever for all of college, but my bags got lost on our last trip to Cabo and I ended up buying Clinque light reflecting foundation. I have been wearing it for about two weeks and I love how natural it is! I apply a few drops directly on my face then blend it with a foundation brush! For heavier coverage I use Urban Decay's “All Nighter” foundation.

What is your go-to lipstick? I see you wear similar shades in your pictures.

I am one of those girls who will put on lipstick then get it all over my teeth! For about the last year I have switched to matte long lasting lip color by Two Faced . I have tried a ton of them and I am downright obsessed with the one by Two Faced. I have three different shades and have turned almost all my friends on to it. I also really liked Flower by Drew Barrymore who sent me a matte red lip color.

What is your nightly routine?

I wish I was better at this and when I come back from traveling I am more on top of it! But normally I just will wash my face, use some makeup wipes, and then a face mask. I have really bad clogged pores so through the week I use scrubs, like 7 different types of masks, and have started using tea tree oil. I also got sent some products from the company Youth and really like nighttime cream/vitamin C. For christmas I got a microneedle roller and I AM OBSESSED!

Career moves:

How did you start with blogging?

I get asked this question so much! I actually started a super embarrassing blog called “everythingfashion” and people in high school literally made fun of it ( learn to laugh at myself & it makes life easier) because it actually was pretty bad. I then started blogging for College Fashionista, which gave me so much great experience! I gained a lot of knowledge about working with brands, what they look for in a collab, want they want from customers, and goals, mood boards, etc. I also gained a ton of connections with people who were a part of it! Then I was approached by a company called Velvet and Vinyl who wanted me to be a contributor. I worked my way up to managing people and did some HR stuff through them. Last summer I decided to branch out and start my own blog. I created the whole thing from scratch and here we are today!

What do you do outside of blogging/social media stuff for work? On your bio I see you are a stylist.

I am still in school and will be graduating in 2018 Winter term. It is tough to keep school, work friends, blogging all separate. I work outside of school as an assistant stylist for a company called Est Ovest Style. I do a variety of jobs from social media, consignment of consumer goods, pulling at stores for client appointments, client outfit pictures or books. We also do different styling events so it honestly varies from week to week!

Social Media:

How to you balance life with being on social media all the time ?

This is a tough one! In August I actually took a 4 week social media break because sometimes you just get burnt out! It is hard and stressful to stay connected all the time. Also trying to not compare yourself to other people can be hard. I try to tell myself "stay in your own lane" because those people live completely different lives and pictures don't tell the real story! Like, to get some pictures, we have to take 100 different photos and they are edited with filters. You wouldn't know that on that day my dog pooped on the floor, I forgot to eat all day, and my car looks like a whole family lives in it. I try to show parts of my life without giving too much away. It's a balance I am still trying to figure out a balance!

What applications do you edit your pictures on?

Okay I know I have been like living under a rock, but I just got Lightroom and I love it. I don't know how to fully use it yet because I haven't spent that much time with it! But normally for quick edits I use VSCO cam, snapseed, and now Lightroom.

What kinda camera do you have?

I have a nikon digital camera D3300 and shoot with a 18-55 mm lens.


Where are your favorite places to shop?

This question kills me because I honestly shop everywhere! I do not stick to one store or brand for clothing! One staple every girl needs is a classic moto jacket and right now I just bought three from BLANK NYC because they have some super sweet suede ones! The main thing I splurge on is jackets and bags. I love to mix high and low price points so that every girl on a budget is able to buy some of my pieces.

What size are you?

I am not a model size nor do I claim to be! I am a size 28-29 in jeans and a 6-8 in dresses! I think no one should be afraid of numbers because at the end of the day it is how you feel in the garment that matters.

Love all of you and if there is anything else you want to know DM me!



All pictures are done by the lovely : Courtney Travis