• Kristy McInnis


Today on my blog are the latest tips and tricks from a friend who has been in the skincare industry for over twenty years. I started going to her back in middle school when I had a uni-brow and braces, so yes she has seen me at my best! I have been having some skin problems with the cold weather and figured a little help from an expert could do everyone some good! Here is Genelle's year round advice for the everyday woman:

"Being a professional make up artist for years I've worked, Saks 5th Avenue fashion shows, news anchors, short films, commercials, Bobbi Brown West coast, and weddings. I got tired of covering the skin and became clinical Esthetian and opened FACE IT AESTHETICS, a facial suite. I've found it necessary to have healthy make up and created FACE IT mineral make up easy to use, non messy, cruelty free and sweat proof while letting your skin breathe makeup! Every day I educate women about their skin for their skin type and seasonal changes besides showing you, your best face forward-BFF.

I always say "don't let anyone dull your sparkle!"


"1. I don't use face primers as it's all hype. if your moisturizer is right for your skin type it will be the primer The foundation will adhere nicely.

2. If you love your skin your skincare is working.... if you don't love your skin it's time to change your skin care. Adjust skin care for the season as your skin changes with the seasons.

3. More concealer on the inner eye and under lower lashes for a more rested look so you can wear less foundation.

4. SPF should be worn year round and I believe is a must not only does it block the Sun's burning rays but acts as a barrier against the chill and the wind.

5. When wearing make up always match your lip shade to blush and then you can wear any eye-shadow color you desire even mustard color! With the 2 matching it's a smooth transition to the eyes.

6. Friends don't let friends wax at nail salons, see an eyebrow artist!"

To top things off Genelle and I are giving away $100 of FACE IT mineral makeup this holiday season. All you have to do is be following myself @kristinacatherinemcinnis and Genelle @faceitskin on Instagram! Tag two friends in the comments of my page and you are entered in a drawing that will go until 12/26. Happy Tagging!

Photography done by the lovely: Kandyce Holub