• Kristy McInnis


Normally I try to wrap my blog posts around one idea so that I don't end up rambling on about 20 different things when I write. So overview today…. I'm going to writing about all the things I'm currently obsessed with!


Betty and Veronica ( WEBSITE LINK) :

I know all you girls are going to be obsessed with this company as much as I am! Not to mention the fact that Riverdale has gotten crazy popular, but they have super quirky items that are sure to make you stand out ( in a good way!) I picked out a few more items + this dress that I am dying over on their website. I had such a hard time buying only one thing, meaning I will have to just go back for more!! The slit on this dress makes you feel super sassy and the print is just something normally I wouldn’t gravitate to. I am a size eight in this dress because the booty and the cha-chas need an appropriate amount of room.


Pho Van Fresh :

Hello all of you local Portland babies! If you haven't gone to this place for some chicken wings and soup then you better run your buns right over. I am embarrassed to admit I ate an entire order of wings by myself on the way home (don't worry the fam still had 2 orders left!). It is in downtown Portland and is my new must favorite place to eat.

Gilsen drinks :

I discovered these drinks about a year ago and literally love them! One day I went in and bought like six of them to stock up for the week. I figured I would try all of them to see which one I should attempt to make a cocktail out of. Plus helping out local companies is something I try to do when I can. They are based out of Springfield and I was in contact with their manager to give them some props! (sweet people!!)

Biscoff cookies:

I'm totally sure these must be horrible because I have about 30 anytime I fly. They are similar to gingerbread cookies and I also ask for extras to keep in my bag for when I get hangry! I also heard Costco sells them, which is amazing and shitty because I'll regret buying them in that large a quantity.


ABLE eyeliner ( WEBSITE LINK ) : When it comes to my beauty routine it has to be fast! I swear I really try to do my makeup, then I get some funky streak of smear on my face. I can never get my eyeliner perfect and I love to do a wing liner. I recently found a company that has this tool that makes it stupid proof so that EVEN I can get a perfect cat eye in zero time. They just make it so simple and you don’t have to use that tape I see a whole bunch of You-Tubers using + the liner has sharpener on the end, which makes it really convenient to put in your purse!

Magnetic lashes :

I was not born with the perfect lashes and don't have the time + extra 200 a month to do fake ones! I had been wanting to try them forever and they are honestly AMAZING! They go on super quickly and are super easy to apply. With some new lashes and my new eyeliner I will be set.

Thanks my beebs for reading!