• Kristy McInnis


Lately I haven’t felt the least bit creative… I have felt down in the dumps for EVERY single reason I can imagine. Taking 17 credits in school, trying to work remotely for my job, creating content for collaborators, make myself eat three square meals every day, and maintaining a social life was a little too much for fall semester 2017. I do love almost every part of my life and I am so EXTREMELY blessed to be given all the opportunities I have. Unfortunately, I have been feeling just like a sleepy girl with a busy schedule and my days felt just like a never ending checklists.

So, I decided to take a term off from school. I had a minor freak out because this isn’t exactly in my four year school plan. Deciding to live in the moment I tried to figure what I actually want. At first, I was angry with myself for feeling like I was “giving up” for the fall term. Then I realized that I need to re-inspire myself and worry less about all my bullshit projects for classes I won’t really use at the moment. By the way would someone like to tell me why exactly I need to take Introduction to Buddhism for a Merchandising Management degree… my point exactly. (I will be returning to school in January so no need for anyone to start panicking that I will be a college drop out)

So, I hopped a plane to Cabo San Lucas and spent the last two weeks doing some serious soul searching. (I can feel some eye rolls coming on, but really I just crashed my mom’s birthday getaway. Thanks MOM!)

So, I asked myself: What the hell are you inspired by? I sat with that question at the top of an empty journal for about five days. I did not want some cookie cutter answer just to fill in the blanks because I needed to be 100% invested in my response. After eating my body weight in Mexican food and getting a solid dose of vitamin D, I found it.

I headed straight to Pinterest, which is where I also get inspiration a lot of the time. I’ve have a secret board full of inspiring quotes that I feel in love with and I have been adding to it for years. I looked through all the boards I had made and all my answers were plastered right in front of my face. I started blogging because I have always loved fashion, photography, editing, writing, connecting with people, and being creative.

I re- titled the board “Reflecting for KM” and vowed to myself to do something each week when I got home that made me feel alive, inspired and even completely new. If that is going to a new coffee shop I have seen on Instagram, or driving to watch the sunset, I would sit at that place and just write.

So many of you have messaged me saying the quotes I post are inspiring and really all of you guys are inspiring. I scrolled through my direct messages, emails, and comments just feeling like this is exactly at the point in my life I am supposed to be. I think some of us, including myself have this set of rules of how things “should” be and do not take enough time to just embrace the now. I am not saying you should run out and quit everything you dislike. But, It is so empowering to just take control of your own life. When was the last time you made a decision that made you feel alive? Maybe playing totally by the rule book or your strict timeline is keeping you from something bigger.

If you fun gals and guys have any questions you me to answer then shoot me a DM or email! Would love to hear from all of you amazing people.

Outfit details: (All pink words are linked to websites!)

Would have been wonderful if I actually planned this outfit before we started shooting! I was shooting for another project and we ended up with more time so I grabbed whatever was in my back seat and made it work. The top is from Madewell and I linked some options for ones similar below. This denim skirt is from Urban Outfitters and I have warn this an embarrassing amount of times. These black booties are Steve Madden and I got them on sale over the summer, but they are still in- stock! The bag is my all time favorite from Louis Vuitton.

All photography by the lovely Tekoa Rose Photography.