• Kristy McInnis


As I head back to school next month I want to lead with my best foot forward. It is so easy for people, myself included, to get distracted with the negatives in life. Whether it be a fight, short comings, a break up, or just a hard day, it is so important that we realize focusing on the positives and being proactive changes our negative mindset. 5 steps to live a happier life: 1. Put yourself first :

I am the queen of putting a thousand things on my plate and not having enough time. It stresses me out, which leads to lack of sleep, and for me, to be a little sassier than usual. So if you need some alone time do whatever makes you relax. For me that means it is time for a workout followed by a warm bath.

2. Reach out to family & friends : Nothing helps like a good ole vent session with your mom or best friend. Letting things build up will only make you feel more stressed and it always helps to have third party advice. I am super close with my mom, so I talk to her about everything.

3. Get moving : If your in a slump then get your buns moving! You can go on a hike, walk around the neighborhood with your dog, or head to your local gym to try a new class. I just signed up for Barre3 (I know a little late to the party) but I am excited to try something new!

4. Positive self talk : With social media and our lives constantly filled with imagery, it is hard to not compare ourselves to unrealistic ideals. Whenever I am feeling down I grab my phone and write out my feelings. I write about my accomplishments, my best qualities, or even quotes. Maybe for you it is more effective to journal about your outside influences or what maybe bothering you at this point in time. It may sound stupid, but when you start to see your best traits and love yourself you will be confident. Quotes that inspire me are "someone else's beauty is not a lack of your own" and "the comeback is always stronger than the setback".

5. Stay organized : Alright, as much as you hate writing down everything in a planner, it helps to remember all the things you need for back to school. Needing a new backpack? I found the cutest all black backpack from STATE Bags that has a stylish clasp closure, zippered middle section (perfect for books & laptops!), and a handle on top. I am a huge fan of silver hardware and this is the perfect back to school staple! For each sold bag, STATE will also donate a bag filled with school supplies, to a child in need. #GIVEBACKPACK.


Photography : Andy Pham ( website & IG)

Sunglasses : Quay Australia

T- shirt : Topshop Roll Crop Tee

Dress : Gingham Pinafore Dress

Shoes : Satch Slip-on Sneaker