• Kristina McInnis


After so much build up and excitement I am finally 21! Not only do I get to celebrate this big day with my close friends and family, but also all of you. I have been waiting years to finally launch my own blog where I could share tips, show off my favorite brands, and display all things "kristy"! I figured what better day than my birthday to begin the start something so close to my heart and have it mean just that much more!

The journey to blogging has been a long time coming for me. I started in high school where I made a website and never fully went through with posting. The website now is still up there and if you google everythingfashion33 it will give you a great laugh if nothing else! Then I was introduced to College Fashionista, where I posted content monthly as style guru for over two years. Recently in the last year or so I worked as a creative content manager for Velvet + Vinyl, which is a blog about fashion and music. Then randomly I was siting in my bed one night early last month and figured it was NOW or never! So I hoped on the blog wagon and finally felt enough courage to put myself out there. I can't thank everyone enough from the direct messages, emails, and comments I have truly felt all of your love for this launch!

The road to this launch was anything, but an easy one. During my first shoot the photographer and myself decided we would shoot lots of content (which took 7 hours) and then to have the memory card be fired the next day. He took it to a professional and sure enough we had to re-shoot EVERYTHING! So we both re-bought some items and were ready to get this going. On the day of shoot #2 we had a huge box of products stolen that were worth over $800 and I remained calm on the outside, but boy was I mad! I honestly considered calling this first post two shots and a robbery at one


Okay enough about my incredible bad luck and lets get to some shoot details! These photos are bought to you by the lovely Awar Meman (link to website) who is my new self appointed BFF. Show him some well deserved love because this cool cat is still in high school and not to mention only 16!!!!

I had been hunting for an aggressive and sparkly birthday outfit for the past six months because birthdays are your day to shine! This Missguided dress from the Peace + Love collection (link here) was exactly what I envisioned and I used my school discount with Unidays to get 30% off. For the birthday crown I wanted to obviously match the dress, but stick to my color scheme of black and silver. This company from Etsy handmade the crown and was sweet enough to keep me updated with every detail!

These roses (link here) looked like something straight out of Pinterest and I did a happy dance as soon as I got them. They are preserved so they will last an entire year so they are 100% worth the money and all I had to do was "fluff" them a little when the came out of the box after being shipped. The box color I chose was black and then I ordered the light pink flowers, feel free to order so we can be twins!

I had these custom wine labels (link here) made for my birthday and thought they would also be cute if you got them in a smaller size for water bottles. I love to keep little momentous so I thought having some of these would be perfect for years down the road to look back on. It would be great to customize labels for other occasions such as for an anniversary, wedding, big promotion, or graduation.

All of the treats are from Lolli and Pops (link here), which is the cutest store you will ever see! Side note when you sign up for their rewards program (Only a valid email address) they give you a free pound of gummy bears. The store is located in Washington Square mall in Tigard, Oregon so if you are ever in town you need to visit! They have over 20 different types of macaroons and these gold canisters that you can fill up all your candy with to take home. This place is perfect for gifts or there are plenty of options for yourself!

I cant not wait for the road ahead and to have all of you with me! Thank you so much for the love and support, I really would not be here without each and every one of you! Stay Tuned for weekly posts and subscribe for email updates! XX

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