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Hello party people! The Kristina McInnis blog is all about fashion, photography, some beauty tips and tricks, my attempt at being fit, and so much more!


I started and never fully went through with a blog I began in high school. With a few more years underneath my belt and a lot more courage I finally started blogging! I always watched people from a-far when I was younger like Rachel Zoe (my idol) and YouTuber's who were able to find their path so I figured it was now or never! First I starting out with College Fashionista as a style guru, then got the opportunity to work for velvet+ vinyl as a creative content manager and contributor. I have been able to work with so many amazing people and doors have opened for me that I have never imagined! Right now I finishing up my last term of school, a Co- Founder of a start company called Blooming Bloggers, and just started a podcast called The Bottled Blonde.